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Green Fertilizer Spreading Ltd are responsible for all the fertilizer cartage and spreading on my Mid-Canterbury arable farm.
 Previously I jointly owned a Bredal trailer spreader and had the fertilizer delivered on farm. However many of the fertilizer mixes that we were using were difficult to accurately spread, so I looked for a contractor with a proven track record and was recommended Green Fertilizer Spreading.
I was impressed with the technology and tidiness of the trucks used and the accuracy of the jobs that Darren and his team did, but continued to spread my own urea and some other bulk products, believing I was saving money. What I found was that even these bulk products varied in density and consistency, from one load to the next and unless I paid close attention to recalibrating/setting the spreader and/or altering the spreading widths, I would sometimes have noticeable banding (not to mention the nonvisible but still detrimental banding).  As a result, three years ago I sold my share of the spreader and had Green Fertilizer Spreading Ltd do all my carting and spreading.
I now have no issues with banding and know that the spreading jobs are done accurately every time. I also believe that any small savings in application costs are more than made up for with savings in accurate placement of the fertilizer flowing through to improved crop yields. As well as this we are able to maintain accurate proof of placement for our nutrient budgeting.
I would thoroughly recommend Green Fertilizer Spreading Ltd for your spreading requirements and would be happy to discuss this further with you.

Paul Taylor

Green Fertiliser Spreading Ltd are always reliable and on time. Darren Green is understanding and goes out of his way to help. On this heavy ground, floatation tyres are crucial to get on the paddocks all the year round.

Green has the latest modern technology with ‘proof of placement’ - essential considering the recent environmental challenges. Very importantly Green has professional, polite and friendly staff that get the job in hand done.

Johnny White, Edgeworth Farms Ltd, Ashburton.

We have used Green Spreading for a number of years now, for general fertiliser spreading and seed mixes. Their equipment and service is outstanding.

We have used Darren’s trucks to spread everything from winter feed mixes i.e. kale, oats through to barley and wheat. This has worked extremely well for us, using a mini-till system and the last pass to not only cover seed and firm the ground but also as a cultivation pass. Using everything from a disc-roller, maxi-till to harrow and roller has worked well with zero failures.

All yields have been the same or better than we would expect from normal drilling. Plant strike and population is alway very good.

This system is very good in a wet spring situation where we can cover a lot of ground quickly and can also sow seed in conditions that normally wouldn’t allow drilling. Thanks Darren and his team for a great job

Chris Rollinson